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Now is the Time to Rent a Jumbotron Screen for Ice Fishing Events

LED Video Board as a Scoreboard for Ice Fishing Tournament

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Our mobile screen on a frozen Minnesota lake

Although it may seem early since it just became fall, now is the time to reserve your Jumbotron for any ice fishing tournaments, as well as other winter events. It is always a good idea to start the process as soon as possible. Dates can fill up, and there can be details that need to worked out. And if nothing else, it takes care of one extra step that you won’t need to worry about once the event gets closer.

We have brought our mobile video walls out to several different ice fishing tournaments over the years. The big screen TV is a great way to keep an updated scoreboard at these tournaments. Instead of arranging the leader boards by hand, we can quickly update the standing to display to your audience. People can quickly see up-to-date entries into the tournament as they walk by or watch from the crowd.

Other than the scoreboard, the screen can also be used to show sponsor ads and logos with the switch of a button. We can rotate between showing the scoreboard and showing sponsor ads. Sponsors are an important part of any event, and this is a great way to keep them happy and help them get their money’s worth. You can also sell ad space on the screen to other companies as an opportunity to get in front of potential customers. Along with sponsor ads, we can also display event announcements, schedules, and more.

Another way to use the screen at these tournaments is to display live video straight to the screen. If there are opening ceremonies, awards, speakers, or any other live action or entertainment, we can capture that on our camera(s) to display live to the screen. Mix this live feed with the scoreboard, ads, and announcements, and the video screen can add a whole new aspect to your event.

Our mobile Jumbotrons are available to rent for ice fishing events all over the Midwest. Some people think we are crazy, but we have brought our big screens onto the frozen lakes in the winter to many of these events. We are always sure to check that the ice is thick enough before driving onto the lake, but it hasn’t kept us off. Along with ice fishing tournaments, we also provide screen rentals for other winter events, as well as year-round events.

If you have any questions or would like to start the rental process, please contact Fire Up Video at 844-533-8848 or Our screens travel all across the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and more.

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