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Mobile Screen Rentals for Superbowl Events in Minnepolis, MN

Rent LED Video Screens for Superbowl Events in Minneapolis

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Rent a mobile jumbotron video board for Superbowl parties and events in Minneapolis

As a company based in Minneapolis, we are very excited for the Superbowl to come to Minnesota.The Superbowl coming to town means more than just a football game, it is weeks long of other huge events surrounding the game, including concerts, tailgating events, viewing parties, festivals, and much more. With so many large events happening at the same time, each event planner needs to make their’s stand out from all the rest. This is where our Jumbotron screens can help.

Our LED video walls can help bring excitement to any event. The big screens can be used to display live video from any concert or other event directly onto the screen. Everyone is the crowd can get a front row view from the video board, and this can help engage your audience. You can also use the LED screens to play any other video or other content that you want to broadcast to your guests. The Jumbotron also gives you the opportunity to put up any message or event information to be able to communicate to your audience. And on top of entertaining and informing your guests, the screen can also be used to give your sponsors some ad time. Sponsors put a lot of money into these events, and they want to have ways to get in front of attendees. The big screen TV is a perfect way to play sponsor ads and logos and be seen by lots of people.

Our mobile screens can be the perfect solution for outdoor events, as well as certain indoor venues if they are large enough. They take very little setup time and can be easily moved to new locations. However, with it being winter in Minnesota, indoor screens might be a better option for some situations. Luckily, we have a sister company that specializes in indoor/outdoor modular screens, Fire Up Creative. Besides being able to set up in any location, another benefit of these screens is that we can create custome screens of any size or shape. We can even have curves, displacements, and other unique configurations.

We would be happy to work with you to come up with unique and creative ideas specific for your event. Besides the creative screen designs, we also have LED Stage Deck screens that play video right on the ground. These LED tiles will be a huge hit with guests, and are strong enough that a vehicle can drive on top of them. We also have sports perimeter, like those you see around soccer fields that can line any walkways, hallways, and more. And finally we have our newest product, the Hyprvsn Fire Mist, which is a 3D hologram machine that can play your logo, text, etc. This is an amazing technology that will be sure to grab the attention of your guests and blow their minds.

At Fire Up Video, and Fire Up Creative, we have all the solutions to your LED video screen needs, with some very unique solutions that you won’t find anywhere else. We will aslo work very closely with our partner company, Creative Concepts, to help with all your other AV and event planning solutions. We also have partnerships with other event management, planning, and agency companies edgPRODUCTIONS and Enticing Entertainment. Whether you only need a small screen or full service event planning assistance, we can help with anything in between.

Please contact us if you have any questions, would like to rent a screen or other equipment, or would like to use any of our other services for upcoming Minneapolis Superbowl events. You can reach us at 844-533-8848 or You can watch videos below of some of our screens and other products:

Fire Up Video mobile screens at a concert-

Fire Up Creative modular screen options-

FUC Stage Deck dance floor screens-

FUC curved modular screens-

FUC walkthrough archway-

FUC modular screens with creative designs-

FUC modular hanging unique designs-

FUC Hyprvsn Fire Mist 3D hologram-

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