Providing Mobile Jumbotron Screens For Your Next Event

Mobile LED Video Wall Screens for Festivals and Concerts

Rent a Mobile Jumbotron Screen for Festivals It seems like every year there are more and more new festivals popping up all over the country. That means if you are an organizer of one of these events, there is continuously more competition to get guests to attend your festival or concert over one of the […]

Rent Mobile Jumbotron Outdoor Screen for Events in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Mobile LED Jumbotron Rental for La Crosse, WI Event La Crosse is an amazing city in Wisconsin on the Mississippi River, just on the other side of the Minnesota Border. It is the largest city on the Western border of Wisconsin, with an estimated 51,647 residents, and 135,298 residents in the larger Metropolitan Statistical Area. […]

Jumbotron LED Screens Help Engage Your Crowd

Fire Up The Crowd at Your Event With an LED Video Wall If guests aren’t enjoying themselves at your event, it is unlikely to be a success. This is obvious, but what may not be as obvious is the solution to help improve the experiences of event attendees. This could be accomplished by renting a […]

New High Definition Mobile LED Screen Rental

Rent the New FireFly SS Jumbotron Video Wall Over this past winter, we were working hard to create a new Jumbotron screen option to add to our fleet. So we chose to convert one of our smaller FireFly trailers into the brand new “FireFly SS.” For the FFSS we removed all of the Barco LED […]

LED Mobile Jumbotron Screen Rental for Events in Kansas

Rent a Mobile LED Screen If You Are Planning an Event in Kansas The capital of Kansas is Topeka, the largest city is Wichita, and the largest metro area is the Kansas City area, which shares its population across the border with Missouri. Other major cities in the state include Overland Park, Olathe, Lawrence, Shawnee, Manhattan, […]

Back Up Plans For LED Video Screens at Events are Crucial

Don’t Let Unprepared Jumbotron Companies Ruin Your Live Event For an event, you only have one chance to get everything right. There are many things to coordinate that all need to come together to make it all work. One thing going wrong can mess up an event. At Fire Up Video, we take those extra […]

Mobile LED Video Board Screen Rentals for Outdoor Events in Des Moines, Iowa

Rent LED Jumbotron Screen TVs for Des Moines, IA Events Des Moines is a beautiful city that has plenty to offer in the heart of Iowa. There is a great mix of downtown areas and outdoor scenery, all in one city. It is the most populous city in IA, and is also the capital, with 203,433 […]

LED Video Screens “Fire Up” Runners at Marathons and Running/Walking Events

Guests Love the Jumbotron at Marathons and Races It seems like every year there are more and more marathons and other walking or running events. This means that runners need to make the decision which of these races to participate in, and the events need to separate themselves from others to remain competitive. At Fire […]

Mobile LED Screen Rentals for Events in Ames, IA

Jumbotron LED Video Walls for Ames, Iowa Events Ames, Iowa is a friendly and energetic town of nearly 60,000 residents in the city itself. Not to mention the almost 500,000 guests that come to Ames yearly to visit this great city. This year in 2014 they are celebrating their 150th birthday, and are thriving as much […]

Our LED Video Walls Make It Through Almost Any Bad Weather Conditions

Jumbotron TV Screens Hold Up in Nearly Any Weather With outdoor events, one thing that is always out of your control is the weather. But one thing you can control is the equipment you use at your event, and how well that equipment holds up in different weather conditions. At Fire Up Video, our mobile screens are […]