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“IMAG”- Getting the Best Shot on the Jumbotron Screen

IMAG is a very important term when you have Jumbotron screens at your event. IMAG, short for “image magnification,” is the magnification of your camera’s view onto a large screen that is intended to help a guest see the action on stage.

This type of shooting video for the Jumbotron is much different than shooting video for television. The best way to explain is to think of it like this:

You are in the audience of a concert. The lead singer is, on average, six feet tall. Let’s say we frame him with our video camera as a medium-to-wide shot and project him on the screen. Now if we measured his body and he came out around four to seven feet tall, it would look about the same as just viewing the stage. In which case you would not really enhance your guests’ experience at the show.

Here is a video that shows how IMAG should be displayed:

Notice the close-ups of gear, faces, etc. This allows your audience to see the action up close even if they are far away. It makes them feel like they were in the front row, and when you’re in the front row, you’re always sure to have a good time!

Fire Up Video camera operators are taught to get in tight. “When we have a new camera operator it always takes them a few sets to learn what I am looking for,” said Dave Baum, the owner of Fire Up Video. “Typically I will take them off camera and have them sit in the audience and/or in the production booth so they get a feel for what works and what does not. Camera people are typically very visual, so once they see it, they get it. “

And when the crowd gets rocking, this gets the band going and in turn helps get the Fire Up Crew Fired Up. “It is amazing how the energy becomes contagious,” said Dave. I see it all the time, and you can feel it with the camera team. The band starts rocking, the crowd gets going, and our camera guys start giving us their best shots. It is fun to be involved in something so emotionally exciting! I guess that’s why people go to football games on Sunday afternoon when they could sit home and watch it on TV.”

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