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Jumbotron LED Screens Provide Sponsor Recognition At Indoor Or Outdoor Events

Give Your Sponsors Their Due

video-sponsor-loopsYou work hard to get your sponsors.  They believe in your vision and purpose.  The have bought in to what you are trying to do and are paying the bills to make it happen.  In return you need to value them and treat them right!

In printed programs sponsor logos and messages are relegated to the background on a page that can be easily overlooked.  With a Jumbotron from Fire Up Video sponsor logos can regularly be in front of your audience in huge letters and crisp bright colors, and their messages can be changed as the program moves forward!

Among all the things a Jumbotron can do to enhance and uplift your program, the greatest thing will be to honor and give  sponsors there recognition.  They will be delighted with the value you place upon their support and thrilled with the way you highlight them in front of your crowd.

Show your sponsors how important they are and how much you value support!  Put their logo and message on a Fire Up Video Jumbotron at your next event!

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