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Jumbotron Screen Rentals for Winter Events

LED Screen Rental for Winter Events such as Polar Plunge

Jumbotron screen rentals are available for many winter events such as the Polar Plunge

Fire Up Video has been lucky enough to stay busy both summer and winter. And here in the Midwest it can get awfully cold. Especially this past winter, it seemed like it would never warm up.

We did a Polar Plunge with our 9×12 mobile FireFly LED screen this past winter. It was a two-day event, which meant we needed to keep our screen on site overnight. When we arrived back on site the 2nd day, it was 12 below zero. But no problem, everything worked as it should and we did not miss a beat.

This only happens because we are prepared for this weather.  Mentally and physically, we have to be ready to deal with temps like this and have our gear ready as well. We bring a number of items that help us beat the cold temps. The most important items include propane tanks and small portable heaters. These allow us to keep heat going throughout the event to keep our most important control devices warm and functioning. The LED tiles themselves tend to not have an issue with the extreme cold weather. The electronic gear in the control room can have issues. Especially with heating and cooling and repeating this. That is when condensation can cause issue. We use 20lb propane tanks sitting outside and run long hoses to the control room up through a small hole in the floor. On the inside we place a small heater. These can run for a couple of days on a 20lb tank.

The other way we beat the cold is to keep our generator running overnight. The Diesel motor that provides power to the LED Screen is cold blooded. Starting this at temps this cold is a real gamble. So we just leave them running. It may cost a little more to do this, but to make sure the screen will play, it is well worth the money.

So if your located in a cold weather state in the Midwest like ND, SD, IA, WI, MN, MO, NE, or IL, or in some of the ice box big cities like Chicago, Madison, Duluth, Fargo, Des Moines, Green Bay, St Paul, Minneapolis, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Lincoln, or Ohmaha, Fire Up Video can bring our 9×12 FireFly or 11×18 DragonFly LED outdoor mobile screens and help Fire Up your event.

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