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Live Video Production for Outdoor Events

The experience a guest or sponsor has at your outdoor event will determine if they come back year after year. Most events are not a one-and-done. They happen year after year, with the goal being to increase attendance and raise more money for a charity or yourself.

Live video of your event to the Jumbotron is a great way to help create the atmosphere that will ensure you have a successful event. We are equipped to run up to six cameras live. We use a Tricaster and Folsum switchers with Eartec wireless headsets so we can communicate with each of our camera operators. In the business we call sending a live shot from a camera to the Jumbotron “IMAG,” or image magnification.   The trick with this type of video is to stay with 95% close-ups of your subject matter. This helps every audience member get close and personal to stage.

We can create a live camera package that will fit most budgets. Call us today at 612-759-1012 to learn more.

Video of Great White who took our camera on stage:

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 6.07.13 PM

A look behind the scenes of a live production:

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