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New Big LED Outdoor Screen for Big Events

Bigger LED Screen For Bigger Events – DragonFly

Rent the New DragonFly Mobile Jumbotron Screen for Events

A view of what our new DragonFly LED big screen will look like when completed in June

Fire Up Video has announced the build of a new larger outdoor mobile screen. This new screen will be 12×18.5 feet in size and will create a bigger, better experience for your guests, sponsors, and fans of your event.

The new 12×18.5 Jumbotron will be similar to our current line of mobile screens. The screen will be made of high quality xVision 10mm DIP tiles. The DIP technology we believe is still the only tile bright enough that will provide great blacks and whites to meet our standards.

The screen will come in a mobile LED tag-along trailer that will be about 27 feet long end-to-end. It will be equipped with our 20 kW Kohler generator that allows us to turn on the power anywhere, from a frozen lake to a farmer’s field. The control room will boast all new high tech AV gear, including a TriCaster 455 switcher and three new canon x25 cameras that will provide an ultra-bright and beautiful 16:9 ratio HD picture.

From concerts to bike rallies to marathons to fishing contests, our LED Jumbotron will travel all over the Midwest providing millions of viewers a chance to get up close and personal at their event!

Call Fire Up Video at 612 759 1012 if you have an event that you believe can benefit from the use of one of our LED Jumbotrons. We service cities like Duluth, Green Bay, Chicago, Des Moines, Kansas City, Omaha, and Fargo, and all over the Midwest!

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