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Video Drones-The Next Big Thing At Outdoor Events?

Drones used for video at outside events to display on LED Jumbotron

Video drones similar to this are used all the time at concerts and outdoor events to film shots of the action and the crowd

Large Video Walls and Drone Flying Machines

What a crazy world we live in. If a person who died in 1955 could see what we are doing today with video technology, they would be amazed.

Think about it,  back in 1955 small TV screens for the home market were just starting to see their way into a few well to-do American homes. These screens were small, black and white, and fuzzy at best.

Today if that person happened to stroll downtown to a local outdoor concert, they might see a large HD Jumbotron. If that were not enough to freak them out, how about this? Imagine a drone flying just a few feet above the crowd. It is just of of reach of thousands of fans at your show. Their outstretched arms point and they scream and smile. The drone holds a small wireless video camera that is rendering the picture to large Jumbotron screen. The fans now become part of the show and they love it. The poor guy in our example, however, has a heart attack from being overwhelmed and unfortunately passes away again. It was a good run!

I have been to shows recently that showcased the interest and growth of the drone flying machine industry. At a recent air show, I  spoke with flight officials from the FAA and the EAA about the growth of  the drone market. They are very interested in its expansion and trying to help shape the future to make sure the industry is safe for all. At a farm show, I attended a seminar and demonstration of how farmers are using drones with cameras  to help them produce healthy crops and feed both America and the world. And when I was at The National Association of Broadcaster (NAB) convention, I was amazed at how much attention was given to adding cameras to drones and providing new amazing aerial shots to the video professional.

Given all the interest and attention these three major industry segments are giving to drones and cameras, this industry is sure to continue its major growth. We at Fire Up Video are keeping an interested eye and ear on it. After all, the only thing better than having a large LED Jumbotron wall at your event might be to have one with a flying video camera providing shots to the screen!

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