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New Wireless Video Enhances Jumbotron Event Experience


The new Titan RX and TX receiver and transmitter to send wireless video signal anywhere within 400 feet of the event!

So you have committed to renting a mobile LED Jumbotron screen at your next big event.   That will help give your audience a better experience by allowing them to see the action up close.

Plus your sponsors are excited they now have a better way to connect with the audience.

However, you still have a problem.   You have a V.I.P. tent that is not in sight of the Jumbotron, and you will need to send the signal to other screens in the tent.   But you are located a football field from the Jumbotron, and to top it off, the foot traffic will not allow you to run a cable without causing a hazard.

Fire Up Video has the answer to this problem, We have added the Transvideo RX and TX to send and receive wireless video for up to 400 feet.   Problem solved! Now you won’t have to worry about dealing with the hassle of running inconvenient cable across your event. We now have a safe way to send video signals to other screens!


Wireless video signal

An example of a V.I.P. tent enjoying the view of a wireless video signal.

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