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About Fire Up Video Mobile Jumbotron Screen Crew

about-fire-up-mobile-led-jumbotronsAt Fire Up Video, we provide a mobile video solution for all types of indoor and outdoor events. Whether you are planning your first community get together, an annual fishing contest, a breast cancer fundraiser marathon, or just about any other sporting/community/group event, Fire Up Video has the mobile jumbotron solution to make your event more interactive and memorable.

About the “Fire Chief”

Owner Dave Baum

Dave was born in 1960 and grew up in a suburb of the Twin Cities. His first venture into large images started around 6 years old when he began collecting posters of sports legends. By age 10 he purchased his first camera and in junior high shop class, when other students were making coat racks and flowerpots, Dave built an audio-visual control center that he used to combine audio with video and he started making music videos way ahead of MTV.

Earning degrees in AV communications and photography, Dave secured his 1st real job with a company that produced slides and overheads. By the time he left that organization some 26 years later, he was a co-owner/partner and helped transform them from a slide house to an advertising agency.

Dave now owns and operates Fire Up Video. In his free time he loves to spend time with his wife and three kids. When he finds a free day you can find him chilling on a MN lake with a line in the water.
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Fire Crew

Cody Baum

Cody was born in 1989 and is the son of Fire Up Video owner, Dave. He grew up helping his dad with various work projects and jobs, learning about the industry and other business skills along the way. As a kid, Cody got his his first experience filming and editing by creating videos with his friends in his spare time. He attended St. Cloud State University where he earned a degree in Marketing with a minor in Public Relations. While in school, he joined the fraternity Delta Sigma Phi, where he eventually became President and helped the chapter from being shut down and grew membership by over 300% in one year.

Immediately after graduating college, he started his own business and opened a store in the St. Cloud mall that used green screen technology that allowed participants to star in their own music videos. Bopping Heads was only around for the holidays, and was sold after Christmas season. Fire Up Video quickly hired Cody on full-time after he finished with Bopping Heads. Before he was a full time employee, he spent the previous Summer as an intern with Fire Up Video, and would help operate the mobile screens at events as needed.

Cody now operates the LED Jumbotrons on a regular basis, and also does marketing, website and blog upkeep, and other various office work for Fire Up Video. When he’s not at work, Cody enjoys going to concerts and discovering new music.

Call today for mobile LED Jumbotron screen rentals — 612-759-1012 or email — baum3@earthlink.net.