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Sponsor Banner Space Around FireFly SS Jumbotron

Our FireFly SS jumbotron screens are surrounded by static banner holders. This provides a great place for sponsor messages, a website address, or any message you want your audience to see. With eyeballs on the video video board all day, the static banners around the screen will certainly provide a bonus for you or your sponsors.

We provide the banner holders, you provide the banners.

Branding Around The Jumbotron

Add messaging for your event or your sponsors on the trailer and around the LED jumbotron with large banners. Sponsors are an important part of any event, and you want to keep them happy so they help fund your event. Adding signs around the video wall is a great way to provide value and impressions for your sponsors. The screen will quickly pay for itself by providing a space for you or your sponsors to communicate with your audience

We have three options for banner placement around the FireFly SS screen:

  • Most visible banner: top banner
  • Additional Space: side banners
  • Under screen banners

It is very important to create the banners to exact specifications so they will properly fit our banner holders. Please view the Static Banner Help Sheet to find details on how to create your banners, and contact us with any further questions.

For more information or questions about the static banner space call Fire Up Video at 612-759-1012 or email us at baum3@earthlink.net.

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