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Live Stream Your Event Online

Playing content on the jumbotron screen for your crowd is a great addition to any event. But what about those that aren’t able to attend the event? Or what if your guests are spread throughout a large area or multiple locations and can’t see the video wall? Live streaming is the perfect solution for this and many more situations. And we now provide a live streaming service for your event.

live streaming rental service for events with jumbotron led screens

Guests can watch a live stream at remote locations

There are many instances that could require the use of a live stream. You might have multiple locations that you want to show the action from one area to stream it to all the others. This might include bars or viewing parties, or anywhere else that you have a gathering of people interested in seeing what’s happening. Or maybe your event is so spread out, and you want to play the same content on many screens, but can’t connect them through cabeling, and need another way to make them all play the same content. Live streaming can accomplish this.

And one of the most common applications for live streaming is just to send it out to your followers online and on social media. You may want to play content for those that couldn’t attend so they still feel a part of it. Or maybe you want to advertise the event before or during, so that you can show what people are missing so they will attend next time. Or you might even want to stream so that family and friends can check in on the event if they know people involved with the event. No matter what the reason, there are plenty of ways that live streaming could help you reach out to a much wider audience.

With the streaming system we have we can send the stream live to Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and a variety of other sources. From there you can promote the link ahead of the event so people will know to watch and tune in. The stream can be advertised on your pages, and even embedded within your website so you can get extra traffic on your site as well. On Youtube and others we can add a countdown to show when the event will go live if we know the time the stream will start. This is a great way to engage your audience and communicate with them online.

Our streaming device takes up to four cell and internet signals and bonds them together to make one stronger signal that we can upload the stream to. Once we have the connection we use an online portal to control and monitor the stream, and it is sent out online. From there it can be viewed by anyone or just a select group of people, depending on the preference for your specific event. Please watch the video below to see how the streaming service works and how it could benefit your event:

For more information on streaming services for your event or jumbotron rentals, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.