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Content For FireFly Mobile LED Screens


We work with you to get the most effective content on your LED Jumbotron screen

mobile jumbotron led video wall for outdoor events Without content all you have is an empty screen! Make sure that when you plan your event you also plan content for your screen.

Our Big LED TV’s play 3 types of content:
• Live Video
• Computer (PC) VGA Connection

*Or Macs with Mini Display Port connection

-We have had some luck with Macs using Mini Display Port, but not all seem to work. We cannot guarantee the use of plugging in Macs

Note: Use large, bold text and images. Smaller text will not be readable. The bigger, the better.

3 Video Options Playable On Screen


In our FireFly screens we have a professional 1Tascam DV-D01U – DVD PLAYER. We can set a loop command to play your video continuously. We ask that you set up entire video on one timeline and burn as one long video. If you have a situation that you are doing a live production and will cut from live speaker to a video segment and back and forth, then you can put each of your videos on multiple clickable chapters or play list on a single DVD disk.

Note: Make sure your DVD is not a data DVD that holds files like a hard-drive. We are looking an authored DVD that plays in a home DVD player.

Note: Our FireFly 12×9 screens are 4:3 aspect ratio. 16×9 video will play fine with black top and bottom. Another option for 16×9 is to author in 4:3 frame and add a web address or other text above or below to fill the space with useful content.

Note: Standard def NTSC size is 720×480.

Live Video

Plug in up to three live video cameras. We accept a composite video feed, either BNC, or RCA connections. For smaller cameras we also can use a mini plug to RCA to get the signal in. We also have one SDI-in connection. We may also be able to accept component 3 wire. If you have another format and can covert down to one of the above-mentioned formats, we should be able to get a picture.

Note: If you have multiple cameras or a complex set up, please contact us to talk further about your production needs to ensure the event runs smooth.

VGA PC Signal

VGA is a format typically put out by computers. We can plug in your PC box or use ours. We have PowerPoint loaded, but as you know, you risk a font issue when you switch across different computers. If you have a Mac and it has a Mini DisplayPort connection, we carry a Mini DisplayPort to VGA connection that we have had luck displaying Macs on the Jumbotron. That is the only support we have for Apple. You must supply the Mac laptop. Older Macs did not support Mini DisplayPort (2010).

Note: Not all macs with Mini DisplayPorts work on our screens. Use a mac at your own risk.

Note: PowerPoint is 95% of all our show played from a computer. For our 9×12 FireFly screens, keep your PowerPoint text large and bold! Size 38 or better. And for best readability use a standard non-serif font like Helvetica or Arial. Small text will not be readable.

Download our Content Help Sheet

For more information or questions regarding content for your screen call Fire Up Video at 844-533-8848 or email us at baum3@earthlink.net.

Watch the following video to learn more about content on the large outdoor screen.

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