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Video Production For Jumbotron Display

mobile led jumbotron video board screen rental for events with live video production services

Live video sent directly to our LED screens

We do more than just provide screens. We also provide video production services, often in combination with our jumbotron screen rental. Our video services are offered before, during, and after your event, as well video production not related to our LED boards.

Before the Show

Need help with your messaging or sponsor loops? We’ve created hundreds of sponsor videos for our Jumbotrons. Whatever your video needs, let’s talk about what we can do and our innovative process that get your sponsors more impressions than a standard sponsor loop.

Click here to learn more about sponsor loops.

During the Show

We have the equipment, talent, and experience to help you put on a world-class show. We have filmed over 100 concerts and climbing. All of our mobile screens have enclosed control rooms with enough equipment to run a multi-camera live show. We have plenty of options to create an exciting live event for your guests.

Click here to view sample videos.

Watch the following video to learn more about live event video production

After the Show

Need content recorded to help your promotions for next year? Let us know ahead of time and we can capture the footage you will need to market your shows in coming years. From there we can either use that footage to create promotional materials for you, or hand the raw video over to your team for you to use how you want.

Click here for a sample of our camera crews and editors in action

Other Video Production Services

We also offer video production for a variety of other situations, even if you aren’t renting a screen. We can shoot video for live events to stream or record for later use or editing, such as meetings, sporting event, speeches, and more. We also can do more planned video shoots for promotional videos, testimonials, tutorials, music videos, corporate events, and more. Or if you just need some video to be edited, we can help you with that as well.

For more information or questions regarding live video production call Fire Up Video at 612-759-1012 or email us at baum3@earthlink.net.