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Create Sponsor Videos For Mobile Jumbotron Screen

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Play sponsor loops on the LED video wall

One very successful tactic to help your sponsor connect with your audience is to create a sponsor loop for a Jumbotron Screen. Dynamic images on the screen can really influence your guests and impress your sponsors.

Two ways to create sponsors loops

1. You Create

If you are going to supply the video sponsor loop it is best supplied on a DVD. But not all DVDs are created equal. Make sure you author a DVD that plays on a standard DVD player. Many times DVDs are used as a transfer method to hold all types of files. This is called a data DVD. We do not want a data DVD. Typically, a standard DVD is created by making a video in a video-editing program like Final Cut Pro and saving the finished video, then inserting that file into a DVD authoring program like iDVD. This is what we are looking for.

You can also create the video in PowerPoint, but remember, we will put it in our PC (not mac) and play it. Fonts can be an issue if you have used any that we do not have on our box. Otherwise you can provide your own PC. We do not support Apple. 

Note: Whatever way you decided to create please keep text Large & Bold. This is not a print ad but more like a billboard. Backgrounds are best dark and text light.

See samples here:

2. Fire Up Video Creates (call for pricing)

We can create traditional sponsor loops for your event. However, the audience can quickly tune out traditional sponsor loops on screen. We have witnessed this first hand at many events where a traditional sponsor loop was used. Logo after logo can easily become white noise and the crowds will pay no attention to the FIRE UP screen.

To keep crowds entertained and focused on the screen we came up with a simple, yet innovative idea. That idea is the FIRE UP FUV (Frequently Unintended Views) Sponsor Loop. To keep the audience entertained, and keep their eyes on the screen, we find viral videos that relate to your event and edit them together with the sponsors logos, videos, and messages. These short bursts of amazing, interesting, or funny videos keep the audience entertained and keep their eyes on the screen. With Fire Up FUV Sponsor Loops your guests are happy, your sponsors are happy, and you’re happy! See the difference by watching the video below.

Are you ready to get started? Send your files to us by using our secure dropbox.

We will create a FIRE UP FUV Sponsor Loop that will help you keep your sponsors returning year after year!

For more information or questions about sponsor videos call Fire Up Video at 612-759-1012 or email us at baum3@earthlink.net.

Sponsor Video Comparison