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High Quality FireFly LED Screens: Barco S-lite 10 XP


Our mobile Jumbotron screens have some of the highest quality LED tiles

mobile jumbotron led video wall for outdoor events We Fire Up the crowd with big bright high quality screens. Our Barco FireFly screens are known to be the industry leader in the event and entertainment world! Not convinced? Read the information below to see why our screens are big, bright and reliable. You can be assured, we are using the industry’s best!

The S-Lite 10 XP is the big brother to the S-Lite 10, of Barco’s S-Lite family of outdoor LED displays. With its 10mm virtual resolution, ultra high bright 6500 NIT (5500 NIT calibrated) output, and rugged IP65 rating, the S-Lite 10 XP is the perfect product for all outdoor applications.

The new S-Lite 10 XP incorporates a new revolutionary “light trap” shader. Its radically new geometric design combined with specially selected dark black, matte materials essentially “traps” the light falling on the display ensuring superb black levels. When combined with the high brightness output level of 5,500 NIT (calibrated), the S-Lite 10 XP now delivers vastly improved contrast levels over it’s predecessor.

Optimal viewing conditions are guaranteed for all viewers. Regardless of which direction the sunshine falls on the screen or where viewers sit within an arena, they are all ensured the best quality image. Even at viewing angles of 120 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical, viewers still enjoy a super bright image.

The S-Lite 10 XP also features advanced 14 bit processing and new LED level (XP) calibration delivering even greater color depth and uniformity across the entire surface of the display than its predecessor.

Its high refresh rate of 2000hz ensures the image is much more stable and there is no loss of visual information when using camera for broadcasting.

For more information or questions about our FireFly LED screens call Fire Up Video at 844-533-8848 or email us at baum3@earthlink.net.

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