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Content for DragonFly Mobile LED Screen

mobile big screen video board jumbotron for rent at outdoor events

Play the content you want on our jumbotron

led outdoor big screen tv video wall For our screens, content is king. Without content all you have is an blank screen. When you plan your event, make sure you also plan the content to play on your screen. That doesn’t mean you need to create everything from scratch, but you should have a general idea what you’re looking for. From there we will work with you to make this happen and find the best solution for your event. There are two general options for playing content on the video wall:

Use our equipment to play content

  • DVD player – You provide a DVD, not a DVD data disk
  • Media player – You provide files and we load into our player
  • Dish Satellite – Play network or cable TV with our Tailgater
  • Multi-camera live show – Live video production with multiple cameras
  • Social media feed plugin – Display live social media content
  • Other sources – We have plenty of options to play content, just let us know what you are looking for and we will help make it happen

Play content from your source and plug into our screen

  • HDMI
  • SDI
  • DVI
  • Other options may be available upon request

Note: See our Content Help Sheet for more information on content options on the screen. We also have more information as you scroll through the page. And if you still have questions we will be happy to answer any questions.

Other things to consider:

Text Size:
Something to always keep in mind is the size of text on your created content. With the newer technology used on all of our screens, including the 10mm LED tiles on the DragonFly, this is much improved from our previous mobile screens. Although the screen is large and has a clear picture, it is still best to make text as large as you reasonably possible. Some small text can still be difficult to read, and bigger is definitely better. This also helps people that may be viewing from very far distances, or simply if they don’t have 20/20 vision. You can never go wrong with larger text. The better visibility you provide to your guests, the more likely they are to be engaged with the screen, and therefore what is happening at your event.

As a general rule for LED, try to avoid white as a background whenever possible. Beyond that, contrasting colors work well.

Content Help Sheet:
Download/view the content help sheet for a deep dive further in getting content on the screen.

Sending Us Files:
Click here for more information on our Dropbox.
Send files to our Dropbox here: https://www.hightail.com/u/jumbotron

Signal Convertors:
We carry a number of signal convertors or distribution amps with us on each show. We have options for many inputs, so we’re prepared for most situations. However, we can’t carry everything in each trailer, so call if you need something specific.

More Details for Specific Types of Content:

In our DragonFly screens we have a professional 1Tascam DV-D01U – DVD PLAYER. We can set a loop command to play your video continuously. We ask that you set up entire video on one timeline and burn as one long video. If you have a situation that you are doing a live production and will cut from live speaker to a video segment and back and forth, the best option is to send us the files so we can put them in our switcher.

Note: Make sure your DVD is not a data DVD that holds files like a flash drive. We are looking for an authored DVD that plays in a home DVD player.

Note: Our DragonFly screens are close to 16×9 aspect ratio. The image will have very slight scaling or some black top and bottom depending on the source size. 

Media Player
If you send us image or video files, we can bring them into our video switcher to create playlists and play specific files on cue (with help from you or your team on timing). We typically accept JPEGs and MP4s, but other file types may work if we can test ahead of the show. We usually ask for files at least a week in advance so we can load and test them. On rare occassion, some files can have uncommon codecs or other issues that cause them not to play on certain devices. If we receive them before the show we can request new files or try to convert them. We can also take any extra files when we show up on site on a USB flash drive formatted for PC. However, if we receive them on site, there is no guarantee they will work. The best option is to send files to our Dropbox here before the show. See the help sheet for image sizing and more info.

Dish Sattelite
We have a couple Dish sattelite Tailgater products so we can play live national and local TV. If you’re looking to play the big game to your audience we can help with that. Just let us know in advance so we can make sure our account is activated and that we can get the right channel for your location. Because it is a sattelite dish, reception is subject to weather and line of site. Although it is quite reliable, there is always the chance of interupted signal with bad weather or if we can’t get a decent siteline to the southwest sky for the dish. Depending on the situation, other live TV options may be available.

Live Video
We can plug in up to four live video cameras to our switcher. We typically accept SDI cameras, and can take HDMI as well. If there is some other output for your camera, please let us know. Most live camera shoots we use our own cameras, gear, and crew. We have professional gear and crew to provide a quality live production with live siwtching between cameras and other inputs. Contact us to talk further about your production needs.

Social Media Plugin
Adding a live social media feed on the jumbotron can be a great way to engage with your audience. We can create different configurations to display Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram pictures from your guests live on the big screen. They will be more likely to interact with you on social media if they can see their post on the video board. We can create the settings to choose which posts get displayed, or ideally you would have someone from your team approving which posts to display. This would be played from a laptop that would be run from our control room and plugged into our switcher.

Laptop Signal
Most laptops nowadays have an HDMI port, which is best to plug into our screen. If you have VGA, DVI, Display Port, or something else, please let us know ahead of time. We can plug in our laptop to the switcher, or play from yours. One issue with playing a file from our laptop can be that we risk losing a font or image or other file that isn’t on our laptop. To make sure everything runs smoothly, especially when playing a Powerpoint, it is best to provide us with a laptop loaded with all necessary files. If you do send the file ahead of time, we can also check that the file will play correctly on our laptop as well.

Download our Content Help Sheet for more details on a variety of on-screen content.

For further information or questions regarding content for your screen call Fire Up Video at 612-759-1012 or email us at baum3@earthlink.net.

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