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jumbotron screen to thank essential workers during coronvirus

Holding Events During Coronavirus

We are all figuring out ways to adapt to these unprecedented times during COVID-19. Any large-scale events might not happen for some time, but instead will likely return in steps. Although events may look different for a while, they will continue in some form. We have a few alternative solutions that still allow you to host events in the time of social distancing. We would be happy to find a way to still host your event in some capacity, with the help of a mobile jumbotron.

How an LED Screen Can Make Your Event Safer
Events can get crowded, with guests crammed in tight spaces. However, adding an LED jumbotron can actually help space out your audience and create a safer environment. Our video screens tower over crowds, giving all guests a front row seat. We provide video production services to film the action that will display live to the jumbotron. Whatever content you want to display can be seen for hundreds of feet, creating more room to spread out and stay safe.

Event Solutions Practicing Social Distancing
We have been working on ways to allow some kinds of events to still happen during COVID, with safety as a top priority, by providing screen rentals. Below are just some of the ways our video walls can be used with social distancing, although we are happy to help if you have other ideas or needs:

led screen rental for drive in movie night during covid-19

Drive-In Movie
A drive-in movie night is a great way to get out of the house and bring together the community, while keeping a safe distance. We can set up our mobile screens quickly on-site, then guests can drive up and park at a safe distance from each other. Audio can play from a sound system, or through their car stereos via an FM transmitter. They can see and hear it all without the need to leave the vehicle.

Drive-In Church Service
Churches around the country have moved to a weekly “drive-in” church service with huge success. Similar to the drive-in movie, we would set up our mobile jumbotron in a parking lot or field at the church, and the parish can watch from the safety of their vehicles. We have video production services to film the priest or speaker to display it live directly to the video wall.

Alternative Graduation Ceremonies
Graduation ceremonies will likely not happen as planned, so many schools are moving to a “drive-in” graduation similar to the above events. We can set up our mobile LED screens outside the school, then the students and families can drive in and attend the commencement from the comfort and safety of their vehicles. All speakers and action on stage can be filmed and displayed live to the jumbotron. We can also play any pre-recorded messages or speeches, as well as any videos or slideshows for the class of 2020.

led video wall for concerts during coronavirus

Drive-In Concerts
We have a couple ideas to help those missing concerts right now. One is to use the video screen similar to the drive-in style above and play videos of previous concerts that people can watch from their vehicles, or safe distances apart. The second uses live performances instead, while still using the drive-in style of concert. We’ve filmed hundreds of concerts, and can display it live to the jumbotron with our full video production team. You can also find sponsors for the event, and play their ads and logos on the screen. We can even stream out the concert live to viewers around the world.

Thank you Messages
We have many people to thank who are risking their lives to help others. If you have a group you would like to thank, such as healthcare workers, delivery drivers, first responders, grocery store workers, or other essential workers, we have a solution. Our large video walls can play thank you messages and encouraging photos to show our appreciation. If you have someone you would to thank, please let us know.

mobile jumbotron for messaging and traffic controlTraffic Control & Messaging
Many places such as hospitals have had to adjust their traffic flows or layout of departments. To help with traffic control, an LED display can give directions and other information to guests. They can also be used near entrances providing general info to limit the amount of guests interacting with hospital workers to find the correct location. The screen can be used for this in other areas as well, such as road construction, shopping malls, outdoor venues, and sports stadiums as they begin to open.

Live Streaming & Video Production
Along with the above events, we can provide live video streaming services that can be seen anywhere around the world, via Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, and more, even embedded to your website. Live streaming can be a great alternative to many events and meetings. We have several options for streaming, and full video production capabilities, so please let us know how we can help.

Other Events
If you have an idea or an event that could benefit from a jumbotron, please reach out to see how a mobile video board can help!

Events Moving Forward
No one knows exactly how events will look going forward, but we do know they will return. And we will be here the whole time to provide screen rentals for events of any size. Whether it’s not the way you had planned and are searching for alternatives, you want to make your event safer by renting a jumbotron, or your event will move ahead as scheduled, we would be glad to help.

Events bring people together and provide excitement, and we can’t wait for the day they can safely return. As with everyone, we miss going to these events, and being a small part of that excitement with our video screens. If there is some way we can still help your event during this time, please reach out with any questions.

Thank you, stay safe, and please let us know any way we can help.

Dave & Cody Baum
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