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Jumbotron Company Seeking Director of Video Position

Hiring Director of Video Position for LED Screen Company Fire Up Video is looking for a new employee for the Director of Video position. We are a growing mobile Jumbotron screen company that is looking for someone to join our team. The position is an excellent opportunity for a young, talented video artist to start […]

Laws & Regulations for Drones at Events

Drone Flying Regulations & Rules for Events At Fire UP Video, we are at large events all over the Midwest with our outdoor large screen TVs. We see drones on site all the time filming these events. We always wonder about the legality and regulations involved with drones. So we thought we would do a […]

How a Mobile LED Screen Can Help Farm Shows

Renting A Jumbotron Mobile Screen for Your Farm Event Jumbotron screens go great at farm shows. At Fire Up Video, we provide multiple mobile LED screens for many of the largest farm shows in the country, and they are always a hit. The big screen TVs are perfect for event sponsors to advertise to the audience, […]

Rent a Mobile LED Screen for Cross Country Races

Jumbotron Screen Rental for Cross Country Running Events The sport of cross country running is huge. Runners come from all over the country, even the world, to some of the largest races. The events bring in many participants, as well family, friends, and other fans. With so many people attending these races, there needs to […]

Rent a Mobile LED Jumbotron Screen in Indiana

LED Video Board Rental for Events in Indiana The Hoosier State, Indiana, is the 16th most populous and 36th largest state in the U.S. Indianapolis is the capital, and largest city, with an estimated population of 843,393 in 2013, making it the 14th largest U.S. city. Some of the other largest cities in the state include […]

Podcast About LED Pixel Pitch, High Definition, Resolution, Etc.

Nanolumens Podcast on LED Visual Display If you are thinking about renting a mobile LED screen for your next outdoor event, you probably have some questions. Most of them are very simple and can be answered clearly. However, some questions can get very technical. Unless you are an expert in LED technology or other digital visual […]

Now is the Time to Rent a Mobile Screen for Winter Events

LED Jumbotron Screen Rentals for Winter Events As cold as it gets in the upper Midwest in the winter, there are still many outdoors events. The freezing cold can’t stop people from enjoying the outdoors, and it doesn’t stop our Jumbotron LED screens. Our mobile big screen TVs have been used in the cold and […]

Mobile LED Video Wall Screen Rental for Bismarck, ND Events

Rent a Mobile LED Screen for Your Event in Bismarck, North Dakota Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota, is a large city with many opportunities and plenty to do, while still having the feeling of a much smaller city. With a total population of over 61,000, it is the second largest city in North Dakota, only behind […]

How to Rent a Mobile Jumbotron Screen at Your Event

The Process to RESERVE YOUR LARGE SCREEN: JUMBOTRON When it comes to renting a Jumbotron, we have a process to make sure our dates and equipment are available for your event. Our process goes like this: Tell us about your event: We will gather information as is best known at the time of the conversation, […]

Mobile Video Board Screens in Cedar Rapids, IA

Rent a Mobile LED Jumbotron for Cedar Rapids, Iowa Events Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in the state of Iowa. It has a population of 126,326 according to the 2010 census, and there are approximately two times that in the surrounding three-county Metropolitan Statistical Area which also includes Marion Hiawatha. Cedar Rapids is […]