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Mobile or Modular LED Screen Rentals for Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation and Jumbotron Screens

Indoors and outdoor, modular or mobile video screens, we have you covered. We recently did two graduations so far this season with a great success. University of Minnesota Morris indoors with modular LED tiles, and University of Wisconsin Madison outdoors with a mobile screen.  In both cases we worked with the school’s in-house AV support team and helped create a great experience for the graduates and those who came to celebrate the graduation of a loved one. Our screens help make the day even more special for everyone in attendance.
In the case of U of M Morris we hung our modular screens from existing ceiling truss in their gymnasium. We worked closely with their AV team to send their live video feed directly to the screen. We also had a few canned video spots we loaded into our video switcher and played them on queue, as well as mixing a third party closed caption software of the event that we overlaid on the live video on screen.
For UW Madison we setup our mobile screen on a courtyard at Union Hall across the street from Camp Randal Stadium, where the graduation took place. The in-house AV team provided a laptop with internet connection with a stream of the ceremony and we were able to plug that into our screen. They were especially happy with our cozy on-board control room they used as AV world to set up all their AV gear to run the show, without the worry of the weather elements or equipment exposed to theft.
Following these two graduation ceremonies, we have several more on the books for the season. We have done a number of graduation events in the past, but with the need for social distancing, we have done many more of them in the past year. Many of the schools chose to use the screens out of necessity to give a view of the ceremony to a spread out audience, without the intention of doing their ceremonies again this way when things return to a more normal state. However, once they saw the screens and the impact they can have, many have decided again to go with the LED screen. We have received a lot of feedback of how impressed the school and the guests were with the screen that they will continue using the video wall for future graduations. If you are planning a graduation ceremony, or other event, and would like to find out how our jumbotron screens can help.
Take a look at a quick video of the recent graduation at UW Madison:

Fire Up Video provides LED video screens for events all over the Midwest, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and more. For more information or to rent one or more of our mobile or modular LED walls, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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