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Go Fund Me to Help Family in Ukraine

Go Fund Me to Help Family in Ukraine

We are taking a break from our typical blog posts about our jumbotron screens to bring attention to something more important. We set up this GoFundMe a little while back, but thought we would share it here on our blog as well. Take a minute to read and watch the video, and please feel free to help out if you would like.

Andrea is just one person of thousands in Ukraine who need help, but this particular story touched me.

My name is Dave Baum (owner of Fire Up Video), and my dad was, and my brother still is, an electrician. I watched this video on Youtube, and decided I would try to find and help Andrea. Please watch this video to learn more:

With your help we can find him and help him start rebuilding his life. We are currently in contact with a number of organizations asking to help locate Andrea. If we cannot locate him, we will donate the money to the Ukraine Red Cross.

I know this is a long shot, however I wanted to do something rather than do nothing. So I created this Go Fund Me for Andrea and his family. You can find out more or donate to him below:

Go Fund Me: Man in Ukraine: Wife Killed -Daughter Missing

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