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Jumbotron Company Seeking Director of Video Position

Hiring Director of Video Position for LED Screen Company

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Now hiring lead camera operator Director of Video Position

Fire Up Video is looking for a new employee for the Director of Video position. We are a growing mobile Jumbotron screen company that is looking for someone to join our team. The position is an excellent opportunity for a young, talented video artist to start with a small, growing company as our lead camera person, as well as all other aspects of the Jumbotron screen business.

At first, the position will be for the summer months, working an average of 26 hours per week. However, if all goes well, it would potentially turn into a full time position as you help our team grow Fire Up Video. There is some travel involved typically in the five state area, mostly on short weekend trips, with hotel, food, and travel costs covered. We don’t punch a time clock, but you will be expected to work am average of three days per week. Some weeks it will be less, some weeks it will be more, depending on what events we have that week. When we have an event, we expect availability, but otherwise we are very flexible and will work with you.

At Fire Up Video, we have several mobile LED screens in trailers that we haul with our pickup trucks to outdoor events. Some of the events include concerts, marathons, races, festivals, trade shows, sporting events and much more. At many of these, we use our video production team and equipment to display a live feed onto our LED Jumbotrons. When we arrive at events, we must haul the trailer on site, set the screen up, get any necessary equipment prepared, film the events or run any video required for that event, then tear down the screen and put away any equipment we used. This would be a majority of the work you would do when you first start, as well as any other work cleaning or working on equipment or around the office.

Position and Pay

  • Part-time position: Director of Video
  • Work load: 26 hours per week average
  • Travel: Mostly here in MN but some short trips in the five state area
  • Weekends: Yes, approximately every other weekend
  • Pay: $1350/ month
  • Months – May 15 – Sept 15
  • Training – Two weeks before May 15th

Skills set (you should be good with the following):

  • Professional video cameras and switchers (we use Canon and Tricasters)
  • AV gear in general
  • Go Pro remote cameras
  • Driving a full size pick up truck and trailer – both forward and backward
    • If you grew up and learned this at young age you will be qualified
    • If you can back a boat up at the launch, you are qualified
    • You should have a clean driving record (one or two tickets at most)
  • Be willing to do whatever is needed in down time at the shop. Anything from building a rack for gear to cleaning video tiles and trailers to weed whacking the grounds

Additional skills that are a plus:

  • FCP editing skills
  • After Effects
  • Wireless technology
  • Electronics
  • Handy with tools and know how to think ahead and solve problems

The perfect candidate would be a person who loves getting a great shot on stage at a concert. You take great pride in translating a national act rock star and making the audience get a great show on the Jumbotron. You know how to hand-hold a camera, get the right exposure, frame the shot, and follow the action. You can also direct cameramen to do the same when you’re called on to do so. You have attention for making sure the gear is set up, working, and put away in an organized fashion. You were a rock star video wiz kid in high school and still are either in class, work, or hobby. You know you got it in you! We realize you are young and just starting out, but if you know video is your passion, and live events sounds exciting to you, we can help mold you. You should have a good base knowledge under your belt before you get to us however.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in and would have the ability to do or learn, please contact us. You can call us at 612-759-1012 or email us at baum3@earthlink.net.

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