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Jumbotron Screen Rental for Graduation Ceremony

Mobile LED Screen for Graduation Ceremony

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have LED screens already in place like this for graduation ceremonies. And even if they do, they may not be large enough, high-quality, in the right location, or mobile. Fire Up Video Jumbotrons can solve all those issues.

You host an event that is truly once-in-a-lifetime. Whether it is a college/university graduation, or a high school graduation ceremony, it is no doubt a very special occasion. You want to make it the best experience possible for everyone involved.

An LED video screen from Fire Up Video makes a great addition to the graduation ceremony at any campus or school. The bright LED screen cuts through the brightest days of spring, allowing for parents and other guests to get a front row seat to that proud moment when their favorite graduate finally gets their diploma. We all know how large the crowds can get at these, and how far away people will be seated, so it is important for them to be able to see up close the excitement and emotion of the graduate as they make their way on stage to accept their diploma.

We now offer two size options for your graduation ceremony, a 9×12 foot Firefly screen and an 11×18 foot Dragonfly screen. Choose the Jumbotron that is right for your school’s facility to make your event come to life.

Call today for a quote. We support the entire Midwest including great cities like Des Moines, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Duluth, Chicago and many more!

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