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Mobile Jumbotron Screens for Indoor Event Rental

Rent LED Video Walls for Indoor Events

While many of our events are outdoors, we also do indoor events as well. With our mobile jumbotrons built into enclosed trailers that set up in less than an hour, this can be a perfect solution for many outdoor events. But for certain indoor events, our mobile video screens can be a great solution as well.

In order to do an indoor event with our mobile video walls, there are a couple conditions that we need to meet. First, since these screens are in full size trailers hauled by our pickup trucks, the building will need to be large enough to bring it inside, with a large enough entrance. We have multiple screen sizes, but they need approximately 8.5 feet wide plus the room to get in and get in position. If it is too tight with our truck, we could pull it with a skid loader or other machine if one is available. This gives it a smaller total length, and is easier to maneuver with skid loader, but it does still require some room to get situated.

The second thing we need is to have enough height to the ceiling. These screens come out from the top of the trailer, and raise up to approximately 24 or 18 feet to the top of the screen, depending if we use the DragonFly or FireFly SS. So we just need to make sure we have enough clearance to raise the screen without hitting anything. Our screens also rotate 360 degrees once fully raised, but we also need to make sure there are no obstructions to the sides if we are spinning the video board.

And the third thing we need to think about is power. Our mobile LED boards have on an-board generator, but since we are indoors, we cannot run off that. If we are indoors, we will need a special power hookup to our screen. Standard wall plugins aren’t enough to power our screen. We require 240 V, 100 amp, single phase power. We carry 95 feet of this cable with us, with male cam locs on the end, or have a bare adapter from there. If none of this makes sense to you, we can walk you through it, or talk with an electrician from the venue. Many large convention centers and stadiums have power available for these kinds of things, so we may be able to connect there. However, if that connection is not available at your venue, we have another option. We could rent a large enough generator and place it outside, as long as there is a path close enough for our large power cable to run to it.

And if this still doesn’t work, or you want to go another route, we also have modular LED tiles that can be put together on site to create a custom size screen. For may indoor events, this is an easier solution. We can build this screen from rigging points in the ceiling, build it on our truss system, or build it from the ground up. These LED tiles can be used to create custom video walls of all shapes and sizes, and we can get a little more creative with this, especially if you are looking for more of a scenic video board, rather than a standard, rectangular screen. Please reach out for more information, or visit our partner company FireUpCreative.com.

Fire Up Video provides LED video screens for outdoor and indoor events across the Midwest and beyond, including states such as Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and more. For more information, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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