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Modular LED Screens When Mobile Jumbotrons Are Not the Best Option

Mobile vs. Modular LED Screen Rentals

Our mobile LED jumbotrons are great for many events. They go up fast, and come down even faster. This means we require less time before and after an event, and less labor to setup and tear down the screen. The mobile option also allows us to set up a screen in one location and quickly relocate it to another. The video board comes out from the top of our trailers and rises high above the crowds. For most events this is a great solution, but sometimes a modular screen is a better fit, which is why we decided to provide both options to our customers.

When we created our new sister company, Fire Up Creative several years ago, we wanted to provide another choice for big screen video walls at events. That is why we made sure to do our research and then purchased new tiles and equipment that allow us to make custom walls to fit any event. While there are often times that a mobile screen is the better option, sometimes these modular screens work better in certain situations.

With these LED tiles we can create screens of any shape or size. We can create unique LED designs that will fit your needs, rather than a simple rectangular screen (although we can do that as well). It is also much easier to use these indoors, rather than driving a truck and trailer inside, we can build the screens with individual tiles, similar to Lego blocks. There is a lot more flexibility to build these screens in other locations and configurations, such as building them on the ground, on trusses, hanging from the ceiling or staging, and many other shapes and setups.

Both types of jumbotron have their advantages, but both can be a great addition to any event. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them and help you decide the screen option that is the best fit for your event, or a combination of mobile and modular. For more information on our partner company, you can check out our website:


Fire Up Video provides mobile LED boards for all types of events across the Midwest, including Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and more. For more information or to rent a mobile or modular screen, please contact us at 612-759-1012.

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