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Sam Black Ear Drum RollBack in August of 2013, we decided to have a little fun and expand our services to a related but new area of business: music video production. Musician Sam Black from Minnesota caught the attention of the Fire Up Video staff with some of his songs, so we chose to take a break from bringing our mobile screens across the Midwest to other events to film and edit the first official music video for his song, “I Sing Your Praise.”

We planned, filmed, and edited the video all in one day, and posted it on Youtube later that afternoon. The video was shot in a couple hours, then we took about another five hours to edit it all together. The entire video was filmed from the back of our hatchback car, which we used as a dolly. We drove to a nearby neighborhood to shoot out the back of the car with Sam following behind, singing and playing his guitar. We did about ten takes with various zooms and shots, then put them all together for one video.

Sam is a young singer/songwriter from Coon Rapids, MN who released his first album “Ear Drum Roll” in May 2013. Some of his main influences include The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan, and that is reflected in his music. Since the video, Sam has been playing local shows around the Twin Cities, and has also released several singles. The music video for “I Sing Your Praise” has had nearly 25,000 views, with almost 20,000 coming right around the first week. There has been a great response for the video, both for the video production, and especially for Sam’s music.

It was a fairly simple shoot, but still very effective. We chose to go with a very basic but fun shoot, and we think it fit the song and told the story well. It was a great first music video experience both for Fire Up Video and for Sam. We all had a great time making it, and learned a lot through the process. With the success of the video, we plan to work with Sam once again in the future. And maybe someday Sam will even play one of these bigger shows and will be playing live on the Jumbotron!

Watch the video below:

You can find “I Sing Your Praise” from the album “Ear Drum Roll,” and the rest of his music here:

Or follow him on facebook:

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