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Our Screens Aren’t Afraid of a Little Snow

Our Jumbotrons Play Fine in the Snow

led jumbotron outdoor tv screen video wall rental for events

Our screens have no trouble playing in the snow

In Minnesota, we get our fair share of snow, and winter seems to last most of the year. Luckily our screens have no problem functioning in the snow. Recently we attended an event in St. Paul, and as the event went on, the snow kept coming. But even in blizzard-like conditions, the led video wall worked great, and there were no issues with the screen.

With all the heavy snow the last couple months, our jumbotrons have been through a number of blizzards, but they continue to run just the way they are supposed to. Through the snow and rain, our video boards can play through it all. As Minnesotans in the “Bold North,” we aren’t afraid of a little snow, and neither are our screens. Just watch the video below to see how it looked in the most recent snowstorm in Minnesota:

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