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Scoreboard Rentals for Sporting Events Using a Jumbotron Screen

LED Video Boards Used as a Scoreboard for Sporting Events

One of the many uses for our mobile LED screens is as a scoreboard at racing or other sporting events. We have brought our screens around the country to set up as a temporary scoreboard when there are one time events or for a big game with a larger crowd. It could be for marathons or other running events, races, golf tournaments, ice fishing tournaments, or other sporting events at any level, from high school to college to professional.

Our large LED screens create the perfect scoreboard backdrop for your event. Because they rise from the roof of an enclosed trailer, we can easily transport them to the location that will work best for your audience. The scoreboard works basically as a large TV screen, so we can display the scoreboard in a way that fits your needs. We have a full scoreboard kit with software to run scoreboard apps for different sports. Or there are other online programs or software that work great for leaderboard displays. We can customize the scoreboard to display the info and layout you want.

Along with just the scoreboard display, the video board can also be used to display other content to your guests. We can control the screen to play live video feeds from the sporting event as well, whether that’s getting a cable feed from the network that broadcasts the event, from a satellite dish or streaming service, or from a camera crew at the event. (We can also provide a camera crew and gear to display to the big screen). We can also use this feed to show any replays that are shown on the video feed to the audience at the event. The video wall can also be used to show sponsor ads and logos. Sponsors typically play a big role in these events, and playing their content on the jumbotron is a great way to give them value. And any other use you can think of for the LED screen, we can incorporate that into the live show.

There are plenty of uses for the jumbotron as a scoreboard and more. Check out this video showing our screen used as a scoreboard for sports and tailgating events:

Fire Up Video provides mobile LED video walls for events all across the Midwest including state such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, and more. Please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net with any questions or for rental information.

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