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Add Instant Replay to Your Next Event

Live Replay Video Switching for Events

instant replay video switcher for live sporting events and games

Streamstar video replay unit in action at a local basketball game

Since we started Fire Up Video, we have typically used a Tricaster as our video switcher. We have a large inventory of several different Tricaster models so we have enough for multiple events and a backup unit at each. However, we have recently purchased a Streamstar video switcher. This is not because we want to replace our Tricasters, but because we liked what we saw for the replay ability in the Streamstar. There are other nice features of this Streamstar unit, and it can be used as a regular switcher with cameras, but the major selling point was the live replay functionality.

We have done a number of bull riding events over the years, and thought it would be nice to offer a replay service to events such as this, and others. We started looking into options, and found this as a good solution that allows one operator to live switch the event and control replays as well. The Streamstar allows us to take live camera inputs and then immediately go back to a replay of multiple angles. It gives us the ability for easy-to-use replays and graphics, while still running the rest of the show.

With the Streamstar we can also save the best replays during the game or live event and create a playlist or “highlight reel” to play at halftime or the end of the show. We can record the multiple camera angles and have a ready-to-go playlist of highlights from your event. Or use the recordings for any post production needs.

This replay system is great for bull rides and rodeos, but also is used frequently for other sporting events at all levels. We can also use it at other live events that may want to replay a moment or moments, or save clips throughout an event to create a highlight reel later on. Any live event that may want to replay a part of the show at a later time, whether it is an almost immediate replay, a highlight of the best moments at the end, or to have for post-production or show at a later day, all these events can benefit from the use of a Streamstar unit.

You can use this replay function either to display directly to our jumbotron screens to your audience at the event. Or we can use this to send out to another source, such as a broadcast or an online stream. We can send out an output signal from the unit, or stream it live from within the Streamstar itself. Please let us know ahead of time what you would like for the replay and live video output. If the live video and replay function is something you are interested in for your event, please reach out for more information.

Fire Up Video provides LED mobile video walls for events across the Midwest, including states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Michigan, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and more. To rent an LED video board or Streamstar replay services, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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