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Rent an LED Video Wall for Your Trade Show or Expo Booth

LED Video Display Rental for Expos and Trade Show Events Our screens have been at just about every kind of event imaginable. From small family events and parties to large concerts and festivals, we have done it all. Some of the most common events we rent our screens at are expos and trade shows. Both […]

Modular LED Screens for Indoor Trade Shows

LED Screen Rental for Trade Show in Las Vegas Recently we loaded our gear onto a truck and shipped it out to Las Vegas for a large trade show at one of the largest and busiest convention centers in the world, Las Vegas Convention Center. We set up a large LED screen hung from the […]

Stand Out From Your Competitors with a Video Wall

OEMs & Jumbotron Screens Talk about being the hit of the show. Recently we brought one of our video walls to outdoor trade show for an OEM, Ponsse. One attendee replied, “John Deere should be embarrassed. These guys put them to shame.”  And we think this guest is correct. Branding is all about owning a […]

Rent a Mobile Jumbotron Screen for Your Farm Show (Video)

Farm Expos Go Best With LED Jumbotron Screens Many people attend farm shows to see the newest products and technology and to learn about new techniques and practices. These trade shows draw in huge crowds and some of the biggest companies in the world. These farm expos typically last several days, and have plenty of events including […]