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Rent an LED Video Wall for Your Trade Show or Expo Booth

LED Video Display Rental for Expos and Trade Show Events

Our screens have been at just about every kind of event imaginable. From small family events and parties to large concerts and festivals, we have done it all. Some of the most common events we rent our screens at are expos and trade shows. Both indoors and outdoors, we have brought both our mobile jumbotrons and modular LED screens to many of these events over the years.

We have been a part of the world’s largest snowmobile show, motorcycle show, air show, and farm show. We have also been a part of other similar shows for a variety of other topics and industries. If you have a booth or space to sell or promote your company, an LED video board can be an extremely beneficial selling tool.

The screens can draw attention to people walking back, and they will be much more likely to stop and notice, compared to one of the thousand other banners and signs of other booths. They will stop to watch your message, and you can have changing messages to fully describe your company or products. A video screen can tell the full story in a way that can’t otherwise be done. It is a much more interactive form of advertising to visitors walking through the space, and is more likely to grab their attention. It also helps the booth workers to sell the product, because it already is drawing people in, it can help explain the product, and the salesperson can use the video clips as a selling tool.

Our mobile jumbotrons are very popular for outdoor trade shows. We pull it in with a pickup truck and set up quickly, and the screen raises out of the trailer, towering over the crowd. The screen can be seen over the tops of other tents and booths, drawing people in to check out what’s going on. We can also use these trailers indoors as well, but that requires there to be enough room to bring it in and set up, as well as a power connection that fit our power requirements.

We also have our modular LED tiles from Fire Up Creative that can be built to custom sizes. While these also work great for outdoor events, they are definitely the best option if you have an indoor expo show. These LED tiles can be built to specific shapes and sizes to fit your booth space. We can work with to make creative designs that will really make you stand out from all the others. We can fill the entire booth with video walls, including multiple walls or backgrounds, dance floor LEDs, or hanging ceiling tiles. We can also build curved screens, archways, runway or perimeter screens, or dislocated dimensional LED screens.

Use the LED display to play any content you want to show to your audience. Our video boards can play videos and advertisements, slideshows, abstract graphics and eye candy, backgrounds, social media feeds, and live video feeds of any action such as speakers, contests, special guests, interviews, games, and more. We will work with you to find the right combination of content to play to make the most of your screen rental.

About Fire Up Video
Fire Up Video provides jumbotron mobile LED screen rentals for expos and trade show events around the Midwest, including states such as Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and more. For more information, or to rent a video board for your trade show or expo event, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.


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