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Rent Jumbotron LED Screens for Winter Events in Any Weather

LED Mobile Screens for Events in Snow and Rain Every year around this time, we like to make our annual reminder that our screens work outdoors in all four seasons. With the recent snowstorm that has come early this year, we just like to remind our customers that our mobile LED screens work just fine […]

Brand Your Event with Banners Around the LED Screen

Static Banners Help Brand Your Event Around Jumbotron Screen Branding is an important part of many events. Whether you are promoting your event, cause, business, venue, or your sponsor, you want to be able to display that in a memorable and noticeable way. You may just want to advertise a logo, or maybe you are […]

Banner and Vinyl Printing Services for Your Event

Print Banners, Vinyl, and Other Large-Scale Graphics with FUV Our mobile jumbotrons all have space around the screens for banner prints. Many events take advantage of this space by either branding their event or cause, or by selling out the space to sponsors. And many of these events also have other banner and large-scale printing […]

More Than Mobile Screens: Other AV Services Provided

Other AV Services Offered By Fire Up Video Jumbotrons If you follow us at all or take a look around our website, you will quickly see that all of our main business centers around our mobile LED screen rentals. Fire Up Video has a fleet of four mobile video walls, of two different sizes available […]

LED Lessons: SMD vs. DIP LED Screens

See the Differences Between DIP & SMD LED Video Walls Next up in our LED Lessons blog series we will go over in more detail the difference between SMD and DIP LED technology. Both technologies consist of red, blue, and green LEDs, but the way they are grouped and built into the technology is where […]

Coming Together Over Music and Events

Drive In Events Help Bring People Together Heather said it all perfectly in the above video. In these unprecedented times, it is increasingly important to find things that bring us joy, as well as ways to bring joy and hope to others. We all need to feel some form of normalcy, something to help us […]

Socially Distanced Corporate Drive In Events During COVID

Companies Hosting Safe Corporate Drive in Events with Jumbotron Screens Many companies are looking for a good way to get team members together during COVID. Whether it’s for an annual meeting, special event, fundraiser or charity, or just to reunite employees for a fun night while the office isn’t fully staffed, Fire Up Video has […]

Solving Technical Issues with Live Events and Video Screens

Fire Up’s Got Talent Recently Fire Up Creative had the opportunity to work the video portion of a show for the 2017 winner of America’s Got Talent, 13-year-old Darci Lynne. Sound Central was the sound, stage, and lighting team that brought us in as the video support, as we work closely with them on a number of events each […]

Jumbotron Video Wall Rental for Events in Overland Park, Kansas

Rent a Video Board Big Screen for Overland Park, KS Events Overland Park, Kansas is the second largest city in the state, behind only the Kansas City metropolitan area, located in Missouri and Kansas. With nearly 200,000 residents, and only 13 miles from Kansas City, Overland Park is home to many large events that bring […]

LED Lessons: Types of LED Screens

What are the Different Kinds of LED Video Screens Now that we have covered what an LED display is in our last LED Lesson, we will now go over the different kinds of LED screens. There are a couple different ways to categorize these video screens. Many of these overlap or can fit into multiple […]