Providing Mobile Jumbotron Screens For Your Next Event

FireFly Mobile LED Jumbotron Event Screens

rent led mobile outdoor video screen for events

Our 9×12 FireFly mobile LED screens are available for rent at your event

mobile led outdoor screen for event rental in minnesota, midwest, minneapolis, st. paul, twin cities Fire Up Video has two 9×12 FireFly mobile Jumbotron screens that we have available for rent at events all across the Midwest. These high-quality LED screens can be used for just about any event to add crowd interaction, increase experience enjoyment, show close up action of live content, track event scoring, replay event highlights, promote sponsors, display event information, and more. Our outdoor screens help bring any event to the next level and will keep guests talking about your event.

Our FireFly screens are built using high quality Barco DIP 20 mm (virtual 10) LED tiles. The daylight screen rises out from the roof of the enclosed trailer, and towers 19 feet in the air, and is 20 feet long. Our Jumbotrons have available space for sponsor banners along the top, bottom, and sides of the screen.  Along with our two FireFly LED screens, we also have a brand new 12×18.5 DragonFly screen.

Watch the video below to see our FireFly video wall screens in action at a variety of different events:

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