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Alternative Graduation Ceremonies Using a Jumbotron

Rent a Jumbotron for Alternative Solution to a Commencement Ceremony

led screen video for graduation ceremony

Jumbotron rental for live video

Right now it’s looking like the typical graduation ceremony won’t be possible of the graduating class of 2020 due to COVID-19. With stay-at-home orders and social distancing, it will be unlikely that graduation ceremonies will happen in the same way as usual. But this is a big moment for these students, as well as the families. We think there are alternatives to the standard graduations that we are used to that will still allow them to experience that special moment.

This solution involves using a big screen jumbotron. We will work with you to figure out the details, but there are options that will still allow your students to have a graduation in some form. We can setup our mobile video wall in a location such as a field, parking lot, or gymnasium. The screen can display a live video feed with different camera angles or other video or image sources to display to video screen.

Displaying the live action on the big screen allows students, families, and faculty to keep more of a distance between themselves to help stay safe. We could take it a step farther and create a “drive-in” graduation similar to the old drive-in movies. Students and their families can drive in to the ceremony and park their cars so they can experience the entire ceremony without ever needing to leave the car. We will display everything including the commencement speeches and any other videos, images, or live video on the screen. We can then play the audio through our speakers, or use an FM transmitter to play the sound directly through the car stereos.

We can also include an option to live stream the event to students or family members who can’t make it, or don’t feel safe attending. If we are already filming the ceremony, we could easily add in some video equipment to stream the service online so anyone around the world can watch the event from wherever they are.

The exact details and how it would work out depends on how the spread of the disease and what is allowed at the time, and most importantly what we agree is safe for everyone. But the reality is that any large gathering, even if allowed, will make many people feel uneasy, so anything we can do to help make people feel safer is definitely a good thing. We will work closely with your team to figure out the best solution to keep everyone safe while still providing some new alternative to the average commencement ceremony.

Check out the video below for an example of a drive-in graduation we recently did for a school:

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