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Attract Sponsors at Your Event with Banners on the Jumbotron


Sponsor’s banners around the Jumbotron at an outdoor concert

You have committed to a Jumbotron for your event. Now make the most of your rental by adding static banners surrounding the screen.

With thousands of eyes looking at the screen all day, the best place to provide your top sponsors a way to connect with the audience is not a fence they walk by as they enter your event. It is directly around the Jumbotron. This will give the sponsor tons of impressions. Sponsorship is big deal. You want to add the most value that you can during your event for your top sponsors. This will help ensure your sponsors come back year after year.

Some events use the screen banners as a way to offset the cost of the screen. Sponsors will pay extra to be the sponsor of the Jumbotron and own the banners around the screen.

So make sure you add the Jumbotron static banners that surround the screen as part of marketing plan to attract and keep sponsors.

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