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Back Up Plans for Our Jumbotron Screens

Jumbotron Screen Tile Repair Replacement

We always carry backup tiles to events in case they need to be replaced

Back Up Plan- Jumbotron and Repairs

When renting a jumbotron, what is your back up plan? How about a wish and a prayer? It is not easy to have a back up plan with a Jumbotron, they are expensive, technical pieces of equipment. But having one is crucial, and so that is what we have come up with.

At Fire Up Video, this is ours.

Spare Parts Kit: 
We carry one with each screen. It consists of all the main parts that could fail in a LED tile. Some repairs are easier than others. For most repairs we may need to take the tile down from the wall and work on it. For others, if simple enough we can attempt to do while the tile is still on. Either way, we should have the parts and tools to make the repair.

Extra Tiles:
We carry them to all events. We have never needed to use one, but we have it if we need it. Better to be safe than sorry.

We do training yearly on tile maintenance and all other parts of the screen. Sometimes we just take tiles apart for fun. They are pretty cool inside!

Even when we have all the bases covered and have back up plans, some items we just can not have duplicates. The generator for example. We once had a show that our on board generator when out at the last few hours of the event. By the time we got a back up generator on site the show was over.

Because of that show however we added a relay board that went down to all our spare parts kit. Out of about 300 shows we have done over the past 6 years, that remains the worst equipment failure we have had. I think I can live with those odds. We take very good care of our equipment and make sure it is in great condition to lessen the chances of any repairs being needed in the first place.

Fire Up Video is a mobile LED video screen company that services the midwest and the state of Illinois, along with the great cities like Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, Joliet, Decatur, Champaign, and more.

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