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“Big Red” Truck Comes Home

Our Stolen Truck Finally Made it Back

And finally, we wanted to thank those in Milwaukee who stole Big Red, our oldest and favorite truck. Big Red went missing one night this fall while on a job. We were at a hotel in Milwaukee, when our tech woke up to find that Big Red was now an empty spot in the hotel parking lot surrounded by broken glass. In the end, our truck was eventually found and the good folks of the Milwaukee impound lot informed us by letter, stating that charge$ were piling up and we should come get the truck. Cheers to you Milwaukee impound lot. Although an earlier phone call would have been nice.

Our insurance company West Bend did a fantastic job recovering the truck and making everything right. I lost my deductible but that’s just business. But mainly to the people who stole our truck, we say thank you for taking good care of Big Red. You left her in one piece (other than the broken windows) and we couldn’t find an additional scratch on her. We hope you enjoyed and loved her for the short time you knew her. And we hope you’re getting some great home movies with the two video cameras you stole from the  truck. Take good care of those cameras, because they aren’t cheap! And did we mention the deductible was $5,000?  But eventually, after some headaches, time, and money, we got the truck back and it’s now in better shape than before.

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