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Don’t Take Anything for Granted- Reflecting on an Old Newspaper Article from 2011

Read this Newspaper Article From Our Second Year in Business

It is a crazy world we live in for sure, but we think it is important to keep positive, stay focused, and make the best of the situation we are in. All of our mid-March – June 1 clients have postponed, rescheduled, or canceled their events, so be assured you are not alone. Today I was cleaning a few file drawers and came across this old newspaper article from 2011. At that time we were in year two of our business. As I read this article, it made me realize how lucky we have been. Most of the clients I had back then, I still have today. The business has evolved with things like more mobile screens, indoor modular screens, HD technology, and a new logo  (see the old one on the article – Yikes).  But what remains the same is this:

  • My love for big images
  • My gratitude for my clients
  • My love for my employees
  • My passion to be better each day
  • My love for my country and family

I just needed to say thank you all and I understand and support your decision to postpone, reschedule, or cancel your event. Please stay safe, stay in touch, and let us know how we can support you in the future!

You can read the article here, and see how where we were in the early stages and how far we have come in the last nine years!

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