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Even Under Direct Sun, Our LED Jumbotron TV Looks Bright

LED Screens Look Great in Direct Sunlight

led mobile jumbotron screen tv for outdoor event rental

Jumbotron LED screen looks great in the sun

If you are renting a mobile Jumbotron from us, then you can be assured that all of our screens look great even in direct sunlight. This is a must for all of our LED video boards that we rent for outdoor events. There are a couple things that make our LED panels show up well in the sunlight.

The first thing is the great brightness ability of our outdoor LED screens. Our equipment is designed to have the ability to be extremely bright if needed to show even through the sunlight and display a sharp image. In the video world, brightness is often measured in “nits.” Nits are a scientific formula that is measured in candlepower per meter squared (Cd/m2). The higher the nits means the brighter the image. When selecting LED panels, we always check the nits to make sure they will provide a bright, crisp image in any sunlight conditions.

Secondly, the outdoor LED tiles also come with shaders above every pixel. These shaders cast small shadows directly above the pixel to enhance the image in overhead sunlight, especially the black levels and contrast. They also provide an additional benefit of sticking out slightly from the face of the actual pixels that creats some impact protection if any objects were to accidentally hit the Jumbotron screen.

Fire Up Video provides Jumbotron screens that look great in all sunlight for outdoor events across the Midwest, including states such as Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and more. If you have any questions or would like to rent a Jumbotron mobile screen, please contact us at 844-533-8848 or baum3@earthlink.net.


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