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Event Company Adapting Business Model in the Times of COVID-19

Coronavirus is Changing How Businesses are Providing Services

In these unprecedented times, companies have had to adapt to new business strategies. This is especially true of the event rental industry. Recently we saw a story about a staging and installation company, Mountain Productions, that completely transformed it’s business model to help fight the Coronavirus global pandemic.

They created a system that builds pop-up structures with much of their existing equipment that can be used as medical facilities, command centers, quarantine locations, and more. By adapting much of their existing infrastructure, they were able to re-purpose their equipment to the current needs of society. It is a great way for them to help a good cause, while at the same time being able to continue working while their typical event gigs have shut down. Take a look at the video below of their news story:

While we don’t have the capabilities to build these huge structures, we are able to assist in other ways. Our LED screens can be used as messaging for busy areas such as hospitals. Our large video walls can tower above crowds or vehicles to help communicate to guests from far distances so they know where they need to go or what to do so they don’t always need to go inside or talk to people directly for every question. It is a great way to message visitors without coming in direct contact, or with busy areas or traffic control. We also have modular LED tiles that can be built as custom sizes and shapes indoors or outdoors to help direct traffic or help provide information to guests.

The mobile video boards can also be used as a form of entertainment while still practicing social distancing. We can host drive-in movies, concerts, church services, or sporting events. People are looking for any source of entertainment that allows them to leave their house and socialize, while still keeping a safe distance from others. With our drive-up screen rentals, we can set up our video walls quickly in any location so people can stay in their vehicles, keeping themselves and others safe. We also provide live video streaming services for a variety of production levels. Please contact us with any questions or to rent a screen or for help with live streaming.

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