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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Drive-In Events

We posted this guide last year to help plan a drive-in event. It gives all the info and steps you can follow to plan one of these events. Over the last couple years, we have done plenty of these drive-in events, and even more LED screen rentals over the past 12 plus years. We have […]

Looking Ahead to a Great Year in 2022

We Are Excited for the Upcoming Year In our last post we recapped our year for Fire Up Video in 2021. It was a difficult year for many people, but we also had a lot of great moments for the company as well. We stayed busy most of the year, and were able to bring […]

Thank You All For 2021

Looking Back at the Past Year 2021 was yet again another crazy year for everyone, and the event industry is no exception. The year was filled with plenty of ups and downs, along with plenty of unknowns. The previous year we had many of our events postponed or cancelled, but luckily we were able to […]

Jumbotron Screens Provide Safety for Events During COVID

Socially Distance with LED Screens at Your Event In order for in-person events to come back in some form, the safety of guests and workers is essential. We expect there to be new protocols and safety precautions at live events for some time to come. Of course social distancing and limiting the number of people […]

Business Meetings and Corporate Events: Drive-In Style

Host Company Parties and Business Events with Jumbotron Screen Rentals As COVID last longer, companies are looking for ways to continue doing business in new ways while in the middle of a pandemic. Many of them are still trying to figure out a way to get team members together during COVID. Whether it’s for an […]

Safe Drive-In Idea for Graduation Ceremonies with Jumbotrons

LED Screens for Drive-In Graduation Events During COVID Pandemic Last spring, COVID was still a fairly new concept, and people were still figuring out ways to hold in-person events safely, including graduation ceremonies. Now with the upcoming class of high school and college graduates approaching a year later, we think we have it pretty well […]

What Makes an Event: “It’s the Screens”

Jumbotron Screens Can Make All the Difference at Your Event What makes an event? We asked one of our frequent collaborators, and he said “It’s the screens.” Of course there are many important parts of any event, but many times, having a jumbotron screen can take your event from good to great. Especially right now […]

Coming Together Over Music and Events

Drive In Events Help Bring People Together Heather said it all perfectly in the above video. In these unprecedented times, it is increasingly important to find things that bring us joy, as well as ways to bring joy and hope to others. We all need to feel some form of normalcy, something to help us […]

Your Guide to Hosting a Drive-In Movie Night

Guide to Drive-In Theater with LED Screen Rental With new rules and regulations constantly changing regarding crowds and large events during COVID-19, it can be difficult to keep up with what is allowed. People are getting creative with drive-in style events, virtual events, and outdoor socially distanced events. You will need to check with local, […]

Event Company Adapting Business Model in the Times of COVID-19

Coronavirus is Changing How Businesses are Providing Services In these unprecedented times, companies have had to adapt to new business strategies. This is especially true of the event rental industry. Recently we saw a story about a staging and installation company, Mountain Productions, that completely transformed it’s business model to help fight the Coronavirus global […]