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Fire Up Jumbotrons into 2020 and the New Decade

After Ten Years, Looking Ahead to 2020

As we begin a new decade at the start of 2020, we like to look back the ten plus years of Fire Up Video. Back in 2009 we started this company with one small B10 mobile jumbotron with a 20mm pixel pitch. Now in 2020, we have a total of four mobile screens, plus a second company, Fire Up Creative, with 210 additional LED tiles to build modular video walls. With two rebuilt B10s at a 4.8mm pixel pitch (which we now call FireFly SSs), two custom-built DragonFly screens at a 10mm pixel pitch, and our modular tiles, we have grown quite a bit since we first started.

Besides building up a fleet of multiple LED screen options, we have also grown our inventory of equipment. From video gear to backup and safety options to other equipment to create a more unique and exciting show for your event, we have been adding to our inventory year after year. This allows us to add additional services with our mobile video boards, such as full video production, audio services, video streaming, wireless video, video and content creation, live video editing and effects, and much more.

When we started this company, we were new to the LED screen world, and knew just enough to provide a simple screen rental. But over the years we have continued to expand our knowledge and build up experiences from doing hundreds of events. We have taken many training courses on a variety of subjects, learned from others in this and similar industries, and most importantly have learned from doing. Now we have a much larger knowledge base and are able to provide a full show experience to our clients.

And just looking back on this past year in 2019, we are very proud of all we have accomplished, and thankful for everyone involved, including everyone from our employees, partners, clients and customers, guests at any of these events, those we have worked with in the industry, and our family and friends who have supported us in any way. We are extremely excited for 2020 and beyond, and can’t wait for everything ahead in the new decade. Stay tuned for more news of what’s to come next for Fire Up Video.

Fire Up Video provides LED video walls for event rental at states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and more. Please contact us with any questions or would like rental information at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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