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From One Barco B10 to Four Mobile Jumbotrons and an Inventory of LED Tiles

It All Started With One Barco B10 Mobile LED Screen

led mobile jumbotron big screen tv for event rental

Our original Barco B10 jumbotron mobile screen

About ten years ago, we purchased our first LED mobile screen, and Fire Up Video was born. At the time, Barco made a number of these B10 trailers with self-contained LED tiles that could pull up to an event and within a half hour the video wall could be ready to play content. Fire Up Video owned one of the many identical jumbotron trailers across the country, and beyond. For several years, this was our business, renting our single, 9×12 20mm LED screen to outdoor events across the Midwest.

After a couple years, we added a second, identical B10 trailer to our fleet so we could provide a matching pair for our clients. Then again a couple years later, we decided to add a third 10mm screen, with twice the resolution and at twice the size. We worked with a local trailer shop to create this custom, one-of-a-kind LED trailer that would work great for our needs. This new mobile screen would be come to be known as the DragonFly, and we would then refer to our two smaller screens as FireFly screens. Two years later, we added a second DragonFly screen to create another matching pair of screens to go with matching pair of FireFly jumbotrons.

At this point we had a fleet of four mobile video boards, with two matching sets, providing a range of options for our customers. We could have stopped there, and coasted off those four screens for a while. But we felt we had the ability to keep going and provide a new kind of screen option for clients. This is why we partnered with Brent from Creative Concepts to  purchase an inventory of 4.8mm LED tiles to form Fire Up Creative. This new company would goalong with Fire Up Video, but instead of mobile jumbotrons, FUC would focus on building custom LED walls specific to each event, both indoor and outdoor. This would open a whole new market that we couldn’t provide for with our mobile LED trailers.

led mobile video board jumbotron screen rental for outdoor events

Our new FIreFly SS LED mobile screen

Shortly after forming Fire Up Creative, we did a rebuild of one of our FireFly screens to add the same YesTech 4.8mm tiles as we used for FUC. We added a couple feet to our trailer, added a control room, customized the trailer better, and got rid of our 20mm pixel pitch tiles for a much clearer 4.8mm picture. The size of the screen also grew from a 9×12 foot screen to an 8.5×15 foot screen, adding size, as well as making it much closer to a true 16×9 ratio. With all the new upgrades, we had to change this from a FireFly to a FireFly SS.

And now, just this spring, one year after building our first FireFly SS screen, we have finished the transformation of our second FireFly to FireFly SS. Once again creating a matching pair, with a set of beautiful 4.8mm LED mobile screens. This upgrade happened with our very first mobile jumbotron, our original Barco B10 trailer. Ten years after this trailer started it all, it was finally time move on to a newer screen to fit the current times.

We are very happy with our current offerings of four mobile jumbotrons, as well the option for custom LED tiles to fit any event. But this doesn’t mean we will be complacent with our products, we are always looking at where the industry is going and what new technology is available. So while this is what we provide now, that can change very quickly. We want to provide the best possible products and services to our clients, while giving them the option to choose what works best for their event and their budget.

Fire Up Video provides mobile LED video boards for outdoor and indoor events across the Midwest, including states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and more. For more information, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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