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Full AV Solution with Jumbotron LED Mobile Screens

Fire Up Video is Ready to Handle All Your AV Event Needs
Jumbotron screen rentals for outdoor events

With our screens we can handle any AV needs for your event

Ever hear the expression, “if it were easy anyone could do it”? When it comes to a mobile Jumbotron LED screen, that expression could not be more true.

Seems like most every event we attend, no two are alike for their AV needs. One company wants to run a PowerPoint show, the next event has a DVD they want to play. And they often provide a data DVD that just holds files, not a mastered DVD that plays in a normal DVD player.

We have to be ready for most anything when we come on site. We pride ourselves in having the most AV friendly control room designs. We have taken great care to create an AV environment that can handle multiple signal types and most any customer needs. After all, if it does not make it to the Jumbotron, you really do not have much of a show and no need for the screen.

Contact Fire Up Video to see if we can help with your Midwest Jumbotron needs.   We travel all over the Midwest and service the great states of ND, SD, IA NE, WI, MN and IL.

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