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Full Services Provided with Jumbotron Video Wall

More Than Just an LED Video Screen Rental

mobile led jumbotron big screen tv video walll for outdoor events for rent

We will put in the work to give you the event you want

When you rent a mobile screen from Fire Up Video, you are getting more than just a big screen TV. We believe that the Jumbotron is just the start of what we offer with our services. It also includes (at minimum) one dedicated, knowledgeable on-site technician, as well other equipment and tools to successfully complete the job. But we still believe more should be included when trusting us with your big event.

When we are hired to do a job, we don’t just want to show up, do the bare minimum and leave. We want to do everything we can to help make your event great. We aren’t just renting equipment, we want to be a part of your event and make it the best it can be. If there is something we can do to improve your show, we will attempt to do just that.

One thing we always stress as a company is to always do what we say we’re going to do. So often we see companies in all industries promise to do something, and then they don’t deliver. We hear all kinds of excuses, and it can be very frustrating to deal with, especially if you are paying someone for their products or services. Of course, some situations can come up out of your control, but we never want to offer anything or make promises that we won’t be able to keep. We believe that honesty and transparency is the best policy when dealing with clients and other companies.

Something that goes along with being honest, knowledgable, reliable, and dedicated, is also having a backup plan so even when things don’t go exactly as planned, your event with the video screen will still be a success. In the technology and events industries, there are always variables that we don’t plan for, but that’s why we need to have alternative options, and expect the unexpected. We will do everything in our power to provide the perfect show that we invisioned from the start, even if that means improvising or doing extra work. We like to think our screens are more than a product rental, but a full service.

Fire Up Video provides mobile LED Jumbotrons and video services for events all over the Midwest, including states such as Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and more. For more information or to rent a big screen TV for your next show, please contact us at 612-743-8897 or baum3@earthlink.net.


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