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Get New Sponsorships and Keep Current Ones for Your Race

Makes Sponsors Happy with Banner Space on LED Jumbotron Screen

Available banner ad space around our mobile Jumbotron Screens keep sponsors happy

Your race happens year after year! And having sponsors is a crucial part of funding your event and keeping costs low for participants. So how do you attract new sponsors and keep the ones you already have coming back? We think one of our mobile LED FireFly or DragonFly screens could help!

I was in sales for many years. And as I made my calls I would think about the benefits that my prospect would enjoy if they used my product or service. Having the Jumbotron will definitely put another tool in your toolbox when asking companies to sponsor your running or walking event.

Sponsors are looking for ways to make impressions with your audience. Giving them a way to do that with an meaningful message using audio and video on the big outdoor screen will appeal to them.

We also have space all around the screen to place banner ads that can be very valuable. Eyes are already focused on the screen, so having banners around it at all times can be very appealing to sponsors. This banner space is better than placing a poster on a a random fence at the event.

Here is a message one of our customers added to there web site recently:

“This year we have upgraded our website and are showcasing our sponsors’ logos on all pages, with links to their website. This is also an opportunity for your company to advertise any specials or discounts you may be offering to attendees over Memorial Weekend or to marathon participants. In addition to our outline advertising exposure and JUMBOTRON advertising during the race too.”

So why not consider a Jumbotron to help Fire Up your event? We help in races all over the Midwest in great cities like Des Moines, IA, Grand Island, NE, Bloomington, IN, Chicago, IL, Madison, WI, Green Bay, WI, Grand Rapids, MN, St Paul, MN, Sturgis, SD, Rapid City, SD and Fargo, ND. Contact us for more information or any questions at 612 759 1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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