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Get the Best Value Out of a Mobile LED Jumbotron Screen

Mobile Outdoor Jumbotron Screen Rental for Events

Choose the best location for the mobile Jumbotron and have great content to display on the screen

Get the Most Use of the Outdoor Mobile Screen at Your Events

So you have decided you want a large outdoor screen for your event. Typically this is what you want to do to prepare to  make the best use of your screen:

Secure the Date

First of all you will want to sign a contract and send in your retainer fee. Typically we ask for about 30% down payment. Because equipment is limited, like all other companies in this business, we need to secure the dates. Once we have your retainer and signed contract, we can start turning down business on the same date if equipment is not available.  This guarantees you will have our LED screens and personnel available for your event.

Placement of Screen

Think about the place that you will gain the most use of your screen. High traffic areas. For some events it is obvious. For other events you may have options. Also, remember our screens can move easily, so you may want to set in multiple locations.

Content on Screen.

Like we always say, content is king. Without it you have a black LED board. So put some thought and energy into making sure your have the best content available. Keep any lettering large and bold. Use contrast to make sure your text is readable. Also keep your visual moving quickly to add interest and keep eyes on the Jumbotron.

If you put the thought in ahead of time, your Jumbotron will be a valuable addition to your event!

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