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Get the Most Value for Your Jumbotron with the Best Screen Placement

This is why planning screen placement before the event is important. Fortunately we were able to get this problem solved quickly so everyone could see the screen again.

Screen Placement is Important at Outdoor Events

So you’re having a big event and you’ve committed to an LED Jumbotron screen. The devil is in the details, such as where will you get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to screen location.

There are a couple considerations you want to think about. Most importantly, sight lines  from your audience to your screen. Typically screens are very visible on the left and right axis meaning you have a wide viewing angle not only in front of the screen but also to the sides. So if you have a good understanding of where your audience will be positioned, you will want to aim the screen at the center of the audience. With Fire Up Video, all our screens rotate 360 degrees, so aiming the screen after it is placed and put up is not an issue. Even if your audience moves, for example, or you have multiple events happening during the course of your day, you can rotate the screen at any time.

Other consecrations include the power source location. If we are plugging into your shore power or generator, make sure enough cable is available to make the connection. We typically carry 100 feet of electrical cable. If more is needed we asked the event to supply.

If you use our generator be aware it is on board with our screen located at our enclosed trailer. Like all diesel-powered generators, ours puts out some exhaust. If your location is right next to the stage you may want to reconsider using our generator. We do carry a turn-around pipe that shoots our exhaust 180° or 90° in a different direction. However if the wind is just right that exhaust travel can be short-lived and be blown back toward the stage. Make sure to check with us before the event to determine what power source will work best for your event.

Finally think about other elements of your event that you’re going to place around our screen.   In this case a large plane and a pop-up tent block the view making the screen basically worthless.  Fortunately the event realized this quickly and shortly after that the plane was removed.

In conclusion, a little planning out front can go along way to adding value to your large outdoor television. Fire Up Video is always available to talk about the possibilities. We have done hundreds of events and can help you quickly make an evaluation of your site and Jumbotron placement.

Please contact us before your event to discuss LED screen location and other event logistics, or if you have questions regarding renting the screen. You can contact us at 844-533-8848 or baum3@earthlink.net. We provide Jumbotron mobile video wall rentals all across the Midwest, including the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and more.

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