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Hilarious Moments Broadcasted to the Jumbotron Screen

How to Use the Jumbotron to Embarrass Your Kid

We have been renting jumbotron LED video screens for 10 years now and have had seen many ways to use the large video wall. But this is one of the better uses we have seen. So we had to share:

We have captured some pretty great moments on our LED screens, from funny, to embarrassing, to amazing, to emotional, and more. Without the video board, people in the crowds will often miss out on these moments. And as shown here, the presence of the big screen helps motivate this mom to keep going, and really gets the crowd going. If you start looking on Youtube, you can quickly begin to find some pretty incredible, and hilarious moments captured on the big screen.
Let us know how we can help you embarrass your family and friends. Contact us today at baum3@earthlink.net or 612-759-1012.

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